Customizable Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Page

Welcome to Color Your Owns very first customizable line drawing! I've tried to make this Jack-O-Lantern as flexible as possible, so you can have him any way you want him.

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1. If you do not have any computer graphics program (or just want a coloring page), you can go to these three pages, print them out and color them as you usually do with Color Your Own line art;
Evil Jack-O-Lantern, Happy Jack-O-Lantern, Sad Jack-O-Lantern

or you can print out this page with the base and parts, and with a bit of glue and ingenuity, cut and paste to create your personal jack-o-lantern to color.

2. If your computer will let you, you can use the drag and drop on this page to create your own jack-o-lantern, and then right click and save the finished product to your computer to color and/or print out. The base is a bit larger than the usual Color Your Own drawing, to give you some room to work with. More detailed instructions below.

3. If you can't get the drag and drop to work, but you have a graphics program on your computer that will let you work with layers, you can copy and save the jack-o-lantern base and parts from this page to build your own in your own graphics program. If you are using Paint or PSP, there is a tutorial here.

Drag and Drop Method

Here is your base:

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Here are the eyes, noses, and mouths.

Evil Eyes

Round Eyes

Sad Eyes

Typical Eyes



Monster Mouth

One Tooth Smile

Snaggle Tooth Smile

Vampire Smile

Just chose the part you want, left click on it and drag it to the base. Let go! You should be able to move things around until you have them just where you want them. Then you can either right click and save as... to a place on your computer or right click, copy, and paste into a graphics program such as Paint.

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