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New Coloring Pages – Roses, Mandala – and a monthly report

June 1st, 2011

June is Rose month. Roses are my favorite flowers – in all colors from white to black and every shade of peach, yellow, pink, and purple, inbetween. So it was my pleasure today to create and add two new rose coloring pages, a nice mature rose coloring page, and a rose mandala coloring page. Here are the thumbnails – click on them for full size;
Rose Line ArtRose Mandala Line Art

You will also find more Rose Coloring Pages in the holiday section for valentines and easter and I will probably add a few more this month.

In May, had 39,000 page views and earned about $13.00 from Google, mostly from search. I know many of you also visited my Squidoo pages with clipart, coloring pages, and coloring books and I hope some of you visited my Zazzle store but I can’t find stats to confirm that. This blog has an amazing number of visits, and carries ProjectWonderful ads that earn $2 or $3 a month as well. Webhosting for costs about $10 a month, and at the end of June it will be time to renew the domain again, for $12. As you can see, this is pretty much a non-profit.

And people are still stealing my work and using it for commercial purposes. I love you, you are so wonderful. You make me feel so special when you strip the credits and use my work without naming the site or linking and make money from it. It is good to know that you believe my original art is completely worthless – or at least, you should get it for FREE and then get to MAKE MONEY WITH IT.  And if I should complain – I am the bad guy!

I did take the donation buttons off the navigation and ads because you guys don’t seem to feel my work is even worth a few pennies. It has been over a year since I received a donation – and the grand total of donations over several years is $110. One donation of $100 when my husband was so ill from another, commercial, coloring website who wanted to use my drawings – one other of $10.

And yet – 39,000 page views. Awesome. At least I know my work is being used and enjoyed.  I bet the people who steal it get even more page views!  (That’s how it usually works, people who can’t create steal artwork all over the web, invest in a big fat commercial website with lots of pop-ups and malware and a ton of advertising and make gobs of money with tricky ads and earn the respect of their peers and the banker)

Ah well – back to my lonely artists cell – ROFL.


Summer Foovay

Useless Updates

April 26th, 2011

Personally, I think it is a Microsoft plot.   My crappy Vista computer is running slower and slower and freezing at times.  My hubby took it on himself to see if there were updates for Vista.  There are two, SP1 and SP2.  He spent a week installing SP1 and then SP2 refused to download.  He let some guy at Microsoft take control of my computer for a day.  We discovered that the Windows Media Player no longer works.  After we rented five movies for the weekend.  He tried to remove SP1.  Took all day.  Won’t remove.  He tried to restore the system.  It’s still sitting over there masturbating.  I think my computer is ruined for good.  We can’t afford a new one.  Back to the public computers at the lab for me, I guess.  And no new graphics. 

Thanks Microsoft.  I know, I’m supposed to run out and buy a new computer, or at least your latest O.S. Windows 7.  But I CANNOT.  Nor can we put the computer back to what it was before it was “updated”.  Sigh.

And, yes, I am withdrawing from the challenge since I no longer have a computer.


April 23rd, 2011

This is T in the April  A to Z Blogging Challenge


I am tired and do not feel well.  That is all.

My new novel – Bloodline – available on Amazon Kindle

November 10th, 2010

Bloodline by Summer Foovay
Cover art for Bloodline by Summer Foovay

My latest novel, Bloodline, book One of the Hunters of Men series is now available on Kindle! Just $2.99! Click here to buy.

You can read the preface and first chapter of Bloodline on Gather for free – click here!

You can read comments from the editor and one of the first readers of the book on my Facebook wall, here and join the Facebook fan page for Hunters of Men here!

Now for the personal news – hubby is now on home peritoneal dialysis and doing so much better. It’s pretty close to a normal life for him. He is attached to the machine 10 hours a day – but as long as he has a computer and books, he is perfectly content to stay in one room – in the comfort of his own home.

His Disability payments have finally started. They are almost enough to live on – but by the time they began we had lost phones, internet, gas for heating and cooking, and our car. Which is a problem since his doctor, nurse and clinic are over 100 miles away one way. We have a loaner car from his family but it is a real junker. So far all we have done is repair it and miss appointments. Yes, folks, this is the “things are looking up” post!!!! LOL.

Help me out here – if I can sell 500 copies of Bloodline this month, we can at least pay the bills and catch up (maybe) a little – maybe even buy propane for heat. If I sell more than that – I could maybe buy Adobe Publisher and make the book available as a softcover BOOK. :D

Bloodline is a thriller – not fluff bunny fare – and the earliest readers have commented on my Facebook wall that you shouldn’t read it before going to bed! One because it is scary – one because she said she couldn’t put it down! In the book, Lily McCallum has reached a fragile balance in her life. She thinks she has found a haven living in the desert Southwest, with a rich and powerful family funding her passion for DNA research on serial killers and other violent criminals called psychopaths. Then the family patriarch dies, and the extended family gathers at the ranch, rocking Lily’s emotional boat. With the help of her friend, Betty Harris, the family genealogist, Lily discovers a horrifying family secret – and now her life is in danger. Can she get anyone to listen to her, to believe her, before it is too late?

Come and get you one.

And thanks and blessedbe to all of you who have supported and aided us this year. We never would have made it without the help of my online friends and communities!

Summer Foovay

Cross-post “Please help”

June 6th, 2010

If you follow this blog regularly, some of this information is redundant. Please bear with me as I need a place to give a full explanation of our current situation.

My husband has had Chronic Kidney Disease since childhood. He was born premature and the tube from bladders to kidneys was not fully formed. This was not discovered until he was about ten, and by that time his kidneys had been irrevocably damaged.

Many people would have just laid down and whimpered and expected the world to take care of them from then on. Not my husband.

He has worked hard all of his life. He devotes himself 100% to whatever job he is doing. We put him through college and he got a great job. That great job was with one of those companies that was so naughty in the 90s and he was laid off without any benefits for the many years he worked long hours and days off on salary to “help us make it and we’ll take care of you”. Despite that, we made the best of it. Moved to New Mexico and eventually to this ranch we love so much and he took another job – a hard physically demanding job in spite of his physical condition and his age (40) and gave his best to them working many hours of overtime and during times when they were extremely busy and short handed.

In January his body finally gave out. He was diagnosed with ESRD – End Stage Renal Disease. He still forced himself to work part-time until March, when surgery to install a fistula for dialysis (which failed) made him unable to use one arm. We applied then for SS Disability.

I began seeking a job outside the home. It is because of the wonderful support and caring of this man that I have been able to pursue my own dream of making a living with my art and writing through the Internet. I’ve never come close, but he’s never complained or recriminated at me for my endeavors – instead always encouraging me to continue to seek out new avenues to create an income from my work – or tell me just to do it for the sake of it, never mind making any money.

It is because of him that all of you have had my writing, my free public domain clipart, my free printable coloring pages to use and enjoy.

In May his kidneys finally completely gave out and he was hospitalized for kidney failure, as well as a heart condition caused by the kidney failure. They finally began dialysis with a catheter since a fistula will not take and now he is not healthy enough for the surgery to attempt another.

We are now taking him 100 miles to the nearest dialysis center three times a week. Most weeks he also has two or three doctors appointments so that we are driving that distance almost daily. He suffers from mental confusion – a symptom of ESRD – and exhaustion – a symptom of anema caused by the ESRD – and is not able to drive, thus I am needed to drive him to dialysis and doctors.

Although we applied for his disability in March, SSD says they are still “considering it”. Until they make a decision, either to grant or refuse it, we cannot even have a lawyer dispute it.

Mind you – the dialysis center applied about a month ago for his medical insurance to pay for dialysis through SSD – and THAT has been approved. And believe me, I am grateful for that – since they were already asking how we intended to pay for dialysis.

We are receiving food stamps. Last month we were approved for a minimal assistance payment from the state – about enough to take him to dialysis for a week.

I have had three jobs. I’ve been let go from every one of them for the same reason – I need three to five days off a week to take him to doctors and dialysis.

We are still on the ranch, on the sufferance of our friend/landlord/roommate who has not received a penny from us for bills or rent in months. Thank goodness, for it is the one place of peace and serenity we have. I think without it, my husband probably would have given up months ago.

And just when I really needed it the most, my tiny little Internet income has completely tanked. My Google income for May was $23 – and since you have to build up $100 to get paid I won’t even get that.

It costs about $20 in gas per trip. Our poor little car desperately needs brakes, the tags are expired, and our insurance will expire the end of this month. We currently have $24 and 3/4 tank of gas. That will get him to dialysis three more times if I am real careful.

My husband will die within a few days of missing a dialysis treatment.

We have no income and no prospects of any income until the first of next month.

I can create artwork – either “real” artwork such as portraits in pastel, acrylic, colored pencil – or any kind of digital artwork such as clipart for a website or a line art for a crafts or sewing pattern. I can write an article on any subject you need. I will sell you any of my art or websites or Squidoo lenses. I am looking to sell my sewing machine and my precious beloved kayak.

The domain for expires the end of this month. I can use that $12 to either take my husband to dialysis one more time (almost) or to renew that website that is currently only making $20 a month despite the fact it gets about 30,000 visitors monthly. I don’t plan on renewing it. In fact, it is quite likely that I will not pay the $9.95 for hosting the end of this month. I simply cannot justify paying to give my work away at this point in our lives.

If you have used and/or enjoyed any of my writing, my clipart, my line art, perhaps you can make a donation to help us. I will endeavor to pay you back when/if he gets his Disability.

Thank you

Summer Fey Foovay

Sharing the love – more great coloring pages sites

December 8th, 2009

My artist and Squidoo lensmaster friend Pastiche has another great resource for coloring books and coloring pages suitable for older children and adults at Adult Coloring Books. That blog is much like this one – only probably more active than I am at times!

Through her I found the Color-Me Club at Deviant Art which is really exciting as I’ve been a Deviant (though not a very active one of late) for years. There are some very talented artists working at DA and to think some of them are sharing their art as line art to color! There are a lot of fantasy and anime type line arts there, and be sure to remember to treat the artists with respect. They often have more restrictions on your usage of their art than I do, so be sure and ask permissions.

Bargain Fairy Coloring Book

June 16th, 2009

Here I am again to share another great bargain from Dover Publishing on one of their coloring books – and of course, nope, no affiliation. Their affiliation folks looked Color Your Own over and decided we weren’t good enough for them – LOL. You folks just don’t buy much – which is fine, this site is about free coloring pages and line art and now that it’s a hobby, I don’t really care if you ever buy anything.

BUT, check out the Color Your Own Victorian Fairy Paintings on sale for just $4.99. It includes one of my all time favorites – on the cover no less. And yeah, just a coincidence about the name. I had the website, for a year or so before I got my first ad sent to me about the Dover Color Your Own coloring books. After the initial WTF wore off, I realized that we had just both stumbled into the same phrase for vaguely similar pursuits. Theirs are coloring books, mostly of masterpiece art – mine were line art for gamers to color their own dog/cat/horse for the game although it has grown into a lot more than that.

Still a bit chaotic around here, but who knows – I am off work tomorrow and granting myself a computer day today up until time to go to work. I just might maybe get some new art up tomorrow. It will be on a different computer, so it may take me more than one try to get work I’m satisfied with.

Until then, go enjoy the Dover coloring books.


Another great sale on a horse coloring book

June 12th, 2009

Dovers Horses Stained Glass coloring book is on sale for under $3 during their warehouse sale. Other horse coloring books are also listed on the same page. No affiliation – I just love the Dover coloring books myself and I know I’ve got lots of horse folks here.

I apologize for no new pages for a while. I’ve had to go back to work and my job is very physical and has knocked the wind out of me. I guess I’m not 25 anymore (in fact, I’m turning 50 in a few days). That and some major upheavals on the home front have made life a little chaotic lately. I’m hoping things will settle down enough soon so I can just sit and draw for a day. I’m also taking care of a sick relative, so that’s keeping me away from the computer quite a bit. Hey, you gotta have priorities and I’m afraid he is rather more important than my little hobby website.

Go stock up on some cool Dover coloring books and I’ll get back in the swing of things soon.