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It’s official – has been sold

October 22nd, 2011

I know – I said I was selling, I said I wouldn’t, I said I was…

Well, it’s official – now has a new owner. I am confident that he is a very good person, a father himself who wants to continue to provide quality coloring pages for children, parents and families.

If you have gotten permission from me in the past to use the coloring pages for a charity, a school, a church, or a particular project of some kind that permission is still valid. Not to worry. However, if you wish to use the line art in the future, you will have to seek permission from the new owner as all copyright is being transferred.

If you have been using the line art without permission – now might be a good time to revisit that decision.

Plans are to transfer the site between now and Monday. There should be very little or no downtime.

Thank you all for the wonderful memories and friendships I’ve forged through Color-Your-Own over the years.

Please continue to use and enjoy the website, and extend a warm welcome to the new owner. He tells me he has no plans to make any major changes.


Summer Foovay is awarded five stars of five in a educational review!

July 13th, 2011

To read the full review go
to: Education Site Review

I am GOBSMACKED by this amazing review of by My Boarding Blog. The review and award were not solicited by me and came out of the blue today when the blogger emailed me with the code for the award badge. I promise you, it is a badge I will display proudly.

To make it truly a red letter day – I also was informed that I an now officially a Zazzle ProSeller.

I am knocked reeling, I am. Thank you so much to all of you who use and love my art – it’s because of you that I create and share.


Summer Foovay

A selection of coloring books and coloring pages

June 22nd, 2011

I updated 21 of my Squidoo lenses about coloring pages and/or coloring books today. Whew. Here they are;


Summer Foovay

July 4th Independence Day Coloring Pages

June 21st, 2011

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Summer Solstice!

We moved earlier this month and I am just now getting my studio unpacked, arranged and organized – but isn’t it a beautiful space?

Here’s what it looks like now – stuffed full of …stuff.

This is my excuse for no new coloring pages for Independence Day, July 4th – LOL. Don’t forget there are already three July 4th coloring pages up, though:

I was very amused this week to note that the Foo Fighters Concert Rider included coloring pages! See, I told you adults like to color!

I’m still having a blast with my Kindle, making a lot of free book lists and working on some other projects on line. Most notably, I got my first novel The River Way, converted and available for sale now on Kindle for 99 cents.

Have a great summer!

Drawing Day!

May 8th, 2011

I’ve signed up to participate in Drawing Day. Now doesn’t that sound like something all you colorists would love? I will probably post my art here, on Facebook, and Deviant Art.

The computer is working again – more or less. That is – it is now WORSE and even more non-functional than it was before the “updates” and I have had to switch to using IE since the newest Mozilla is not compatible and the older Mozilla won’t install – but of course, I also cannot install the newest IE because the computer is not “updated” to the latest because the “updates” will not install. I guess most people can run right out and spend $300 on a new computer. It really isn’t that much – but it is more than this starving artist can come up with right now. So I will continue to struggle along with my “new” computer which is all of five years old (almost the last time I had a paying job – washing dishes for Denny’s – and no time at all to create). Gripe, gripe, gripe, I know.

I’ve had a really busy week this week that has kept me out of the house and away from the computer and the drawing pad. The latest drawings I have done have all been for Purebred Pets On…the Zazzle store that caters to the professional or pet hobbist, groups, clubs, and so on. I put all the postage designs up first, since they have to be approved – and I am now working on t-shirts. Expect greeting cards, business cards, stationery, buttons, stickers, etc. to follow as soon as I get a chance to sit and work on it. Here’s a peek at one of the t-shirts you might like;

Rearing Akhal-Teke Horse T-shirt shirt
Rearing Akhal-Teke Horse T-shirt by purebred_pets
Browse Horse T-Shirts

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers. I got a new coloring book – LOL – I hope you got something that pleases you and you have a wonderful day.


February 15th, 2011

Nope, I’m not dead. But –

I am so stoked, I am so excited, I am so happy and joyful and – one of my fondest wishes for this year has come true already! I have been tapped to be the Squid Angel for the Arts and Design>Graphic Design>Other Graphic Design neighborhood on Squidoo! I’m goin’ wild! I’ve already blessed four lenses – you gotta see these;

I’ve only just begun *GRIN* I’m so happy I cannot stand myself.

Wait until next month – when I hope to have Internet actually AT HOME. Finally, I can WORK again. Sure, I can write, I can draw – but I can’t inflict it on anyone or at least – it becomes problematic when I only get a couple hours of Internet a week. It’s better now – we can come to the Computer Lab several days a week now that we are in town. Things will be even better when I have Internet at home again. Look out world!

And yes – look forward to (finally) some new coloring pages too!


February 8th, 2011

This has been one tough winter for us – after a tough year.  And then New Mexico threw us the worst winter storm in 40 years!  The snow was beautiful.  Being without heat, water, and septic was not so much :P

Meanwhile, hubby and I have had to move into a little house in town.  We’re still moving – the big storm delayed everything by a few days.  So with one thing and another – I haven’t added new coloring pages in quite some time.  I do have some drawn and on my computer at home – but I haven’t gotten a situation where I can upload them.  We are still in the process of moving.

Next week – really – next week I will get some new coloring pages up for you.  And next month (cross your fingers) we may even have Internet at the new house and I’ll be able to get back to adding new pages several times a week!  I might even feel so froggy I go back to taking requests.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Changing Ad policy

November 24th, 2010

If I have learned one thing during the time I’ve been working on the Internet (other than making a LIVING on the Internet is a myth) it is that things change. One time one type of Internet work makes the most money, two years later it’s a really good way to make a small fortune – if you start with a large one.

Judging from the ad revenues for, let alone what is left of my other websites, it is no big deal that over the last year I’ve lost most of my domains, and over the last few years I had already lost a great deal of my work created to carry Adsense Ads.

Because Adsense is dead.

Once upon a time Adsense delivered relevant ads, and although very few got rich off of it, you generally made a little money more or less relative to how much traffic you had on the page, because the ads were for something your reader was actually looking for.

I noticed about a year ago that the Adsense income was going down. No doubt some of that was due to the fact that I was not online or adding coloring pages as often. Some of it. At the same time, the Google search income was going up a bit.

At one time, banner ads were the rage. Surfers would see something interesting and click on them. Then advertisers started abusing their surfers – bombarding them with pop-up ads and spyware. Internet users learned to ignore banners. Text ads – like Adsense – were the next big thing. Since they depended on a few lines of text and no pictures, you could pack a pretty good punch of info in a small space – and interested customers would click on them. Google, for a long time, did a good job of keeping an eye on things, keeping ads relevant to the website they appeared on, and advertisers only bid on keywords that were actually relevant to what they were selling.

But those days are gone. The adsense ads appearing on Color-Your-Own all yell “COLORING PAGES” or “FREE COLORING PAGES” or “PRINTABLE COLORING PAGES” in bold at the top of the ad – all good keywords for Color-Your-0wn. I use them myself. But when you click on the ad it goes off to Yahoo Shopping (to name the most common offender) or to some oddball search engine that like as not goes to installing their own spyware, stealing your homepage and tabs, and doing nothing but displaying another handful of “FREE COLORING PAGES” ads – that also take you to pages with everything BUT free coloring pages. Never mind the ones that go to eBay – as if you couldn’t find eBay yourself, or as if eBay ever offered a free printable coloring page.

No wonder no one clicks on those text ads anymore. So the Internet savvy surfer now ignores text ads, just like they learned to ignore banner ads.

Searches, using the little Google search boxes on the Color-Your-Own site, are up. The click-throughs on those searches are good. You must be finding what you want – if I don’t happen to have it already. This is a good thing. So those search boxes are staying, on the principle that they are a good service for you visitors, whether they make me a significant amount of money or not.

Due partially to the other challenges this year has presented me with, I put donation buttons up on Color-Your-Own. They haven’t brought in much – but over the total of the year (and the donation buttons have only been up since about May or June) donations will total MORE than Adsense income.

Another thing I’ve been experimenting with is links to my (and others) Squidoo pages that are relevant to coloring, coloring pages, coloring books, home educators and so on. Speaking strictly from my own traffic stats at Squidoo, Color-Your-Own visitors do click on those links. And I know they are relevant – no bullshit advertising – so I hope you are finding what interested you when you get there. And maybe even purchase something now and then. Squidoo, thus far, has been trustworthy as far as policing the pages (called lenses) submitted and eliminating any that are pure SPAM. And of course, I personally choose those links, so I wouldn’t send you anywhere I wouldn’t want to go.

This year has certainly been interesting. Although I haven’t had an opportunity to work a lot on any of my online businesses I can see a definate trend. There is change in the wind. Squidoo income is up. My Zazzle store income has increased significantly. I’ll make almost $100 from it this year. Adsense has gone kaput.

So – you’ll be seeing (and I hope using) the donation buttons. The links you see will be to webpages by me, or that I have chosen as relevant to you visitors. The adsense ads and the other Google ads are OUT. The Google search stays as it seems to still be useful to you visitors.

I’m still no where near making a living on the Internet. I think that is related to being a creative person in this world – which is a whole ‘nother rant. Plus, I refuse to bombard you with ads, pop-ups, spyware, all that jazz. I won’t do anything to my visitors that I wouldn’t like myself.

I hope you still find my coloring pages useful and fun and keep coming back :D


Summer Fey Foovay

My new novel – Bloodline – available on Amazon Kindle

November 10th, 2010

Bloodline by Summer Foovay
Cover art for Bloodline by Summer Foovay

My latest novel, Bloodline, book One of the Hunters of Men series is now available on Kindle! Just $2.99! Click here to buy.

You can read the preface and first chapter of Bloodline on Gather for free – click here!

You can read comments from the editor and one of the first readers of the book on my Facebook wall, here and join the Facebook fan page for Hunters of Men here!

Now for the personal news – hubby is now on home peritoneal dialysis and doing so much better. It’s pretty close to a normal life for him. He is attached to the machine 10 hours a day – but as long as he has a computer and books, he is perfectly content to stay in one room – in the comfort of his own home.

His Disability payments have finally started. They are almost enough to live on – but by the time they began we had lost phones, internet, gas for heating and cooking, and our car. Which is a problem since his doctor, nurse and clinic are over 100 miles away one way. We have a loaner car from his family but it is a real junker. So far all we have done is repair it and miss appointments. Yes, folks, this is the “things are looking up” post!!!! LOL.

Help me out here – if I can sell 500 copies of Bloodline this month, we can at least pay the bills and catch up (maybe) a little – maybe even buy propane for heat. If I sell more than that – I could maybe buy Adobe Publisher and make the book available as a softcover BOOK. :D

Bloodline is a thriller – not fluff bunny fare – and the earliest readers have commented on my Facebook wall that you shouldn’t read it before going to bed! One because it is scary – one because she said she couldn’t put it down! In the book, Lily McCallum has reached a fragile balance in her life. She thinks she has found a haven living in the desert Southwest, with a rich and powerful family funding her passion for DNA research on serial killers and other violent criminals called psychopaths. Then the family patriarch dies, and the extended family gathers at the ranch, rocking Lily’s emotional boat. With the help of her friend, Betty Harris, the family genealogist, Lily discovers a horrifying family secret – and now her life is in danger. Can she get anyone to listen to her, to believe her, before it is too late?

Come and get you one.

And thanks and blessedbe to all of you who have supported and aided us this year. We never would have made it without the help of my online friends and communities!

Summer Foovay

A long overdue update

April 10th, 2010

Can you believe it has been two years since I did a major update and overhaul of good old Line Art on the Internet? So much has changed in my life and at Squidoo since I wrote my very first lens to promote the website. If you haven’t read it you might find the story of how Color-Your-Own came to be interesting. If you have, you might enjoy seeing the updates.

For the first time I came home from a full days work with a wee bit of energy left. I didn’t fall directly into bed and asleep. There is hope that I’ll find the time and energy to draw more coloring pages yet ;)

Summer Fey Foovay