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Toddlers shouldn’t watch TV – they should be coloring!

October 21st, 2011

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics children under 2 should not be watching television. Yet many adults park their toddlers at the TV while we do other important things – like cooking dinner, washing clothes, and chatting with our friends on the Internet.

Of course, I think you ought to print a few dozen coloring pages out from, and then plop down beside them and enjoy some coloring fun and quality time. Most of the pages at Color-Your-Own are created with an older colorist in mind, so you might want to choose a few for yourself, and order some of these more age appropriate coloring books;

You might want to think about some of these, too:


Summer Foovay

Children’s Book – The Best Christmas of All

August 30th, 2011

Image copyrighted - do not stealI recently had the great pleasure of illustrating the new children’s Christmas book -The Best Christmas of All. Copies will be sold to benefit Friends of Crayford Retired Greyhounds, as well as posters of some of the artwork I created for the book. You can purhase your copy of The Best Christmas of All and read more about it, as well as see more of the illustrations at this link

Working with Ms. A de Sant was a real pleasure and we are planning more collaborations in the future.

Summer Fey Foovay

Free Rapunzel Coloring Pages

June 27th, 2011

If your kids love Rapunzel, they will love these free Rapunzel coloring pages.

July 4th Independence Day Coloring Pages

June 21st, 2011

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Summer Solstice!

We moved earlier this month and I am just now getting my studio unpacked, arranged and organized – but isn’t it a beautiful space?

Here’s what it looks like now – stuffed full of …stuff.

This is my excuse for no new coloring pages for Independence Day, July 4th – LOL. Don’t forget there are already three July 4th coloring pages up, though:

I was very amused this week to note that the Foo Fighters Concert Rider included coloring pages! See, I told you adults like to color!

I’m still having a blast with my Kindle, making a lot of free book lists and working on some other projects on line. Most notably, I got my first novel The River Way, converted and available for sale now on Kindle for 99 cents.

Have a great summer!

Summer Solstice Greeting Cards and an interesting link or two

June 17th, 2011
Celebrate Summer Solstice oval sticker sticker
Celebrate Summer Solstice oval sticker by foovay
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I am having so much fun with my new Kindle. I think this may be the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten. A solid day of surfing the free book selection brought me from one book to over 200! I noticed along the way that it’s a time consuming process, so I thought I’d share some Kindle free book lists on Squidoo to save like minded folks some time.

As I find more great free books on Kindle I will add to those lists and create more. Two on the drawing board right now are Animal Tales, and Fairy Tales (OMG there’s TONS of old traditional fairy tale collections).

Oh yeah, a bonus list by a friend that I ran into today:
Best Review – Top 6 4th Of July Recipe Books (Kindle) Not free, but timely.

Given the state of the economy and unemployment these days, I want to boast on my webhost, GatorHost, for having hired 580 new employees since Jan. 1st of this year. They are also a “green” company using only renewable energy. I know I said I would never endorse another hosting company after the last one imploded like they did but…GatorHost is truly a worthy hosting company for many reasons, not the least of which being inexpensive pricing, great support, and one click install for blogs.

Dover publications of the great coloring books and ooodles of public domain clipart is having a nice sale offering. Get a 1440 Geometric Vector Designs CD-ROM and Book free with $40 purchase. No affiliation – I just love their stuff and you probably do, too.

I am deeply excited and proud to announce my first Zazzle award everTWO of my Summer Solstice Greeting Cards are on the Top Ten Most Viewed List today! Squee!

I ran onto this link today that I thought might be of interest to homeschoolers, and anyone with children at home. The Foo Fighters included coloring pages in their 2011 Concert Tour Rider. See – adults do color!

And being more than a little bit encouraged by the success of my current Summer Solstice designs, I added three more designs today on a number of products;

Summer Solstice Sunrise Greeting Card card
Summer Solstice Sunrise Greeting Card by foovay
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Summer Solstice Sunrise Postcard postcard
Summer Solstice Sunrise Postcard by foovay
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Summer Solstice Sunrise Magnet magnet
Summer Solstice Sunrise Magnet by foovay
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summer Solstice Sunrise Button button
summer Solstice Sunrise Button by foovay
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Summer Solstice Sunrise Speakers doodle
Summer Solstice Sunrise Speakers by foovay
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Wiccan Summer Solstice Blessing Greeting Card card
Wiccan Summer Solstice Blessing Greeting Card by foovay
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Wiccan Summer Solstice Poster print
Wiccan Summer Solstice Poster by foovay
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Romantic Summer Solstice Greeting Card card
Romantic Summer Solstice Greeting Card by foovay
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A couple of new discoveries for the day!

May 24th, 2011

If you were planning on participating in Drawing Day on June 4th – or you want to but you don’t think you can draw, you cannot possibly go wrong by visiting any of the 32 How To Draw Cartoon lenses by RuthKeith on Squidoo. From dragons to baseball players, cowboys to penguins, Russ writes simple, clear how to draw lenses that anyone can follow to success – no matter how much you might think you cannot draw.

I also found a few fun coloring pages of machines and easter themes that are great for younger kids and will make even the adults smile. Be aware of restrictions on use for these.


SegPlayPC Coloring Game for your computer

April 23rd, 2011

Segmation makes a coloring game for your PC called SegPlayPC. It sells for $24.95 or you can use Trial Pay to get it free. You can download a ten day shareware version for evaluation – which is what I did. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and my cranky Vista, as well as Windows 7. The website says you can play online, but I could not get that to work.

The evaluation version downloaded and installed quickly and without a bit of problems, or setting off any of my virus or malware programs. The evaluation program comes with only three pictures you can paint by number, and limited palettes and textures, however if you purchase the game there are many packages of different subjects that you can download from the website for only $4.95 each. All of the pictures are rated from medium to tough or difficult.

The game part is the ability to time yourself. You can play on several settings, normal, hint or free coloring mode. You also have the option to leave the timer off. Since I really hate being timed at anything, I left it turned off. I’m not much for competition.

The first picture is of the Lady Liberty in New York Harbor. On normal mode all the spaces are numbered and you choose from a matching numbered pallette. It is fun for a few minutes watching the picture magically appear from what seems like a bunch of squiggly lines and numbers but I quickly got annoyed and bored dragging the picture around to click and fill in. On hints mode you get only one number, say 3, and you have to drag the picture all over the place looking for all the spaces marked three. This got real annoying real fast. In free mode, as you might have guessed, you can chose your own colors. In simpler pictures or patterns this might be fun, but in something of the complexity and detail of the Liberty statue – well, it was fun for about two seconds.

In conclusion, if I had more discretionary income I might buy the full version so I could try some of the expansion packs of pictures to mess around with. If I had a child just learning to use the computer I might purchase it to give them practice using the mouse and manipulating things. Their suggestions to use the timer to see who can color the picture fastest, or to try and beat your own time appeals to me not at all.

The website features glowing reviews, so obviously there are people who really like the program. I would be willing to give it another try if I had the money to waste, but I don’t right now. At this point, I find it a bit boring. Sorry, guys.

How to Draw Horses

April 9th, 2011

This post is H in the April A to Z Blogging challenge.

When I first set up with a few line drawings I had laying around, and a few I did for friends the purpose of those drawings were to color them and use them for graphics at certain games, like SandboxFarms, where I still play. Obviously the site has grown and evolved and taken on a life on it’s own, which you can read about Line Art on the Internet. Most of those early drawings were horses and dogs, as they are probably the most common animals on the games. Horses and dogs are still in the majority of the over 400 drawings on the site and probably always will be, although you guys have broadened my horizons ;) and I thank you.

This is why the earliest horse drawings do not have markings such as spots or socks or blazes – because the users then were advanced enough to include those on their own – and in fact wanted to so they could make the art resemble the animal on the game. Since then I’ve had many requests to provide appaloosas, pintos, and so on with markings drawn in and I’ve changed how I do things a bit.

I intended to do some horses for you today with markings – pintos and apps. BUT I am running out of time. I am headed out to the ranch to hang out with the real horses for a few days and won’t have Internet.

So, how about instead I teach you how to draw your own horses? This lens gives step by step instructions on how I actually draw horses. I’d love it if you would go visit and read it – and especially if you would like to comment about anything else you’d like step-by-step instructions on, such as more advanced lessons for horses in action or head studies or coloration or perhaps other subjects you’d like drawing instructions for.

Because actually – you guys have taught me a lot about what you want and can use – and I appreciate it. Carry on!

Coloring on Squidoo

April 5th, 2011

C for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

Did you know that coloring – coloring pages, coloring books, and all about coloring media from crayons to pastels – has become so popular at Squidoo that they gave us our own neighborhood? I’ve been creating lenses about coloring, coloring books and coloring pages since my very first lens – which was the story of the website, titled Line Art on the Internet created in June of 2007. The top 100 Coloring Lenses on Squidoo are here

I thought I was sort of alone and weird and out there as an adult who loved coloring books and coloring, never mind creating coloring pages. Since then, I’ve met other artistic lensmasters on Squidoo who love coloring, too! So after you visit the top 100 lenses, don’t forget to check out these lensmasters pages for their complete list of coloring pages and coloring book lenses.

Pastiche creates coloring pages and clip art much like myself and yet we cover diverse subjects so that while we both have an Easter Coloring Pages lens right now, she also offers graphics for weddings and babies. One of her all time most popular lenses is Clipart Borders and Frames – something any crafter will find useful!

Tipi creates lenses featuring coloring books and pages for more advanced, older children and adults, like me! She also has a wide and eclectic selection of lens subjects – something else we have in common. I really like this lens, about her real life encounters with angels.

NanLT creates lenses, including plenty of coloring books and pages lenses, due to her experiences raising two boys! She also writes about Pagan subjects, such as How to Find A Patron God or Goddess. You don’t want to miss her mouth watering recipe lenses either!

GonnaFly is a homeschooling Christian mom who has created a number of lenses listing coloring pages on specific subjects, such as dog coloring pages. What a great bunch of resources! She also writes about Vegetable Gardening!

gonzaga does an amazing job of finding coloring pages related to pop culture, such as the printables and coloring pages from the new Rango movie. He also keeps us up with Manga and Anime, like these Naruto coloring pages.

Stoney2009 is another lensmaster who keeps us up to date on the latest coloring pages for pop culture subjects, like Angry Birds Coloring Pages or, who woulda thunk it, Lady GaGa Coloring Pages!

Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to try and draw Lady Gaga for Color-Your-Own. Let’s see, that would be “L” day?

deyani shares her unique voice with more anime coloring pages, such as My Neighbor Totoro Coloring Pages and Printables as well as scrumptious recipes written both in English and Bahasa Indonesia!

budakoyot also offers coloring pages and books based on popular movies, such as these Starwars Coloring Pages. He links coloring with learning character and creativity for children, something I know my homeschooling audience knows and undertands.

Speaking of homeschoolers, jojokaya is a homeschooling mom who also has her finger on the pulse of what kids like to color with Free Littlest Pet Shop Coloring Pages. She is a foodie, too, with Indoneisian comfort food recipes – like these Chicken Noodle recipes

nelabai weighs in with some great coloring selections for boys and geeks, like NHL coloring pages and other lenses dedicated to Zombies, Megamind and Ninja coloring pages.

eclecticeducation is a homeschooling mom who has created lenses with coloring page resources listed by subject, like this Bears Coloring Pages lens, as well as sharing many how-to lenses about lapbooks, and study units like this Nature Study with Children. is a great resource for homeschoolers, as well as a great way for working at home mothers to make a little extra money. Not to mention, a good place to discover more coloring books and coloring pages!

What do homeschoolers do with coloring pages?

March 21st, 2011

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Ostara or Spring Equinox weekend. I’ve allowed myself a few days off and spent some time out on the ranch. It was wonderfully relaxing for me. I will dive back in tomorrow with more spring and irish and easter themed coloring pages.

I dropped in this evening because I wanted to share this wonderful post – Eclectic Education: What to do with Coloring Pages… – from another blogger, Squidooer, and coloring page creator. I know there are many homeschoolers who use my free printable coloring pages from their feedback and requests – but I have to admit I did not have a clear idea of the many uses homeschoolers can make of my coloring pages.

In the last few days I have been watching my traffic figures and I am very excited by the amount of traffic coming from IRELAND to download the St. Patrick Driving the Snakes From Ireland coloring page as well as others created for this St. Patrick’s Day. I hope many of you subscribe to this blog and keep coming back. I intend to keep with a bit of an Irish theme for the next month or so by adding the Irish Wolfhound, as well as other Irish dog, horse, and pony breeds. If you have suggestions of other “Irish” themed pages (landmarks, wildlife, famous places or people perhaps?) please feel free to email me with suggestions. I can’t promise I will get to them all, but I will try.

I hope you are enjoying lovely spring weather as we are!