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New Coloring Page – Adorable Baby Bunny

April 22nd, 2011

This is R in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

This adorable baby cottontail rabbit is almost too late to make it into the Easter basket! Adorable Baby Bunny - Cottontail Rabbit Line Art

Adorable Baby Bunny – Cottontail Rabbit Coloring Page

Tomorrow is Earth Day! If you are looking for arts and crafts, clipart, or coloring pages for your kids – try these;

Earth Day Crafts
Earth Day Coloring Pages and Crafts
Earth Day Clipart


New Coloring Pages – Quolls!

April 21st, 2011

This is Q in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

Up until today the Quoll was just another entry in the long list of animals you can have at SandboxFarm to me. Then I looked them up.

OMIGOD they are so cute they should be ILLEGAL. However, since they are also considered apex predators, and are relatives of the Tasmanian Devil I suspect they really hate it when people go – OMG CUUUUTE – and tend to bite. Below are the thumbnails of the two new Quoll coloring pages. For the purist, these are Tiger Quolls – identifiable by the spots on their tails.

As always click on the thumbnails or the links to go to the coloring pages.

Sleeping Quoll Line ArtTiger Quoll Line Art

Quoll Coloring Page
Too Cute Sleeping Quoll Coloring Page


New Coloring Page – Ocelot

April 18th, 2011

The little Ocelot breaks every rule about the spotted wild cats I’ve been drawing lately.  They have solid spots – AND rosettes – AND some rosettes have dots in the center – AND to top it all off, their spots seem to neatly arrange themselves into, well, more or less stripes.  Ocelots are about the same size as a large housecat – and like our domestic cats they apparently do not think rules should apply to them ;)

Ocelot Line Art
Wildlife – Ocelot Coloring Page

This isn’t the only art I’ve done today, check out “Ocean on my Window” over at Foovay’s Cauldron.

If I keep going as I have been with one to four coloring pages today until the end of April, there is a very good possibility I’m going to have to change all my headings to say “Over FIVE HUNDRED original coloring pages”. Cool!

New Coloring Pages – Jackals

April 13th, 2011

This is J in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

I thought for J I’d choose between the “J” animals at SandboxFarm since the players there were some of my first and best users of I had Jackal, Jaguar, Jerboa, and Jellyfish to choose from. I looked a jellyfish but they have this ethereal beauty that I think would have to be captured in something like velvet painting – neon colors on black – LOL. Jerboas were cute, but the cutest was the Long Eared Jerboa, and we don’t have that one on SandboxFarm. I can, however, remedy that next time I buy tokens ;) I’ve already done Jaguars. So that left Jackals.

And then I went looking at Jackals and found myself enchanted. They have that same wry, humorous “I am SO up to something” look that our delightfully obnoxious coyotes have here in the southwest. I’m hooked. I hope you like them, too.

Black-backed Jackal Line ArtGolden Jackal Line ArtBlack-backed Jackals reside in Africa – click here or the thumbnail for the coloring page
Golden Jackals, also called Indian Jackals, live in India – click here or on the thumbnail for the coloring page

Yep, I’m plugging my favorite game a lot. It needs some new blood. I think the problem may be that it is marketed to children as mmorpg when it is really more of an adults sim game. You should try it ;)

New Big Cat Coloring Pages – Leopards

March 25th, 2011

Sleeping Leopard Line ArtTwo free printable leopard coloring pages on the heels of this horrific news storLurking Leopard Line Arty, about a rare leopard that was captured, beaten, tortured, and then burned alive by angry villagers – as forest officials looked on.

If you are wondering why all the big cats – yes, there is a Squidoo lens in all of this – soon, soon. More big kitties to go. As always you can click on the thumbnails or here are the links for larger printable sizes;

Later today or tomorrow – something lighter for the weekend – a LOT lighter :D

New Big Cat Coloring Pages – Jaguar

March 23rd, 2011

Jaguar Headstudy Line ArtJaguar Laying Down Line ArtInspired by this article about the efforts to conserve the Jaguar in Costa Rica as well as the articles a few months ago about the death of the last KNOWN jaguar in the United States (who was in Arizona) I created these this Jaguar Headstudy Coloring Page and another Coloring Page of a Laying Down Jaguar. You can click here or on the thumbnails for the full size images. I plan to do another “action” sort of montage of jaguars, as well as some clip art and Zazzle products – so be sure and check back in the next few days for those, as well as some more big cat coloring pages, including leopards, black panthers, cheetahs, snow leopards and clouded leopards.

I’m going to get back to those Irish subjects, and Easter as well – I haven’t forgotten. Gotten sidetracked maybe, but not forgotten ;)

Tiger Coloring Pages for International Tiger Day

October 1st, 2010

Well, International Tiger Day was actually last Sunday – but I’ve been having problems with this blog posting images. We’ll try one more time today to post the new Tiger Coloring Pages or Line Art.

Bengal Tiger Resting Coloring Page or Line Art

Siberian Tiger Leaping Coloring Page or Line Art

I shared more about International Tiger Day on my Free Public Domain Tiger Clipart page at Squidoo – this page donates all royalties to the Big Cat Rescue fund so go have a look!

We still have no Internet out at the ranch and although we are finally receiving his disability we are so far behind that it will take some time to catch up. Especially with the income from this website nosediving to just $20 a month I just can’t afford Internet or driving back and forth to town more than once or twice a week to glom a bit of wifi. Things are looking up and I am working on some new Halloween pages that I hope to get up on Monday!



Polar Bear Cub Coloring Page

May 21st, 2010

Arctic Polar Bear Cub Coloring Page

Arctic Polar Bear Cub Coloring Page

Are you Polar Bear Aware? These magnificent animals are in serious danger of disappearing as their environment vanishes and they come into conflict with humans. They are just one symptom of the disappearance of the Arctic ice caused by global warming. I hope you enjoy thisArctic Polar Bear Cub Coloring Page and maybe take the opportunity to explore what you could do to help.

New Coloring Page – Bush Dog

March 30th, 2010
Bush Dog Coloring Page

Bush Dog Coloring Page

Once again, I am proud to hear from Ian, the gentleman who teaches at an orphanage in Mexico, with a request. This time he asked for a Bush Dog Coloring Page. These amazing little creatures were once thought to be extinct, but still live in Central and South America. Tough looking little guys, aren’t they? I don’t know if I really caught it in the line art, but in the photos you can see these powerful jaw muscles that make them look like they could snap your hand off like it was nothing. Ow!

Summer Fey Foovay

New bird coloring page – Red-breasted Nuthatch

September 12th, 2009
Wild Bird coloring page - Red-breasted Nuthatch

Wild Bird coloring page - Red-breasted Nuthatch

I just love fall migration time, when I get to see such a variety of birds. Some winter in New Mexico, others are just passing through on their way to places further south. This Red-breasted Nuthatch entertained me for half an hour today outside my kitchen window. You can read about it over on my main blog, Foovay’s Cauldron, and see the photos my hubby took of him – one of which became this line drawing.

Seems to me that every store in town has their Halloween stuff out already. Maybe I’m showing my age – but isn’t it awfully early? Ah well, I guess I must get with the times. So I’ll be adding one Halloween type coloring page a week up until the second most celebrated holiday in the U.S.! I also hope to get back to our usual program of a new coloring page every day. Do you know there are over 360 coloring pages up at now? I’m going for over 400 for 2010!


Summer Fey Foovay