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New Coloring Page – Summer Kayaking

April 14th, 2011

This is the K post for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

Summer Kayaking and Birdwatching Line Art

How many of you knew I love to kayak and birdwatch?  Both are some of my favorite things to do.  I can’t wait until the water is warm enough around here to get the kayak out!  One thing I love about kayaking is the wildlife and birds seem to not think you are a threat – they will let you get much closer in a kayak than they ever would if you were on foot.  I hope I captured some of that peace and serenity I love in this coloring page of summer kayaking and bird watching. You can find more Summer coloring pages for all ages at this link.

Summer Sun Coloring Pages

May 23rd, 2010
Smiley Sun Coloring Page

Smiley Sun Coloring Page

Summer tiiiiiime…and the livin’ is eeeeeeeeasy…

I love summer time. Long, hot lazy days to swim, kayak, hike or do other outdoor things – like doze off in the shade. These are the first two of a series of coloring pages inspired by summer. Be sure and come back to see them all!

Meanwhile, please enjoy this Smiley Sun Coloring Page and the Stylized Sun Coloring Page shown below.

Stylized Sun Coloring Page

Stylized Sun Coloring Page

Summer Sunflower Coloring Pages

May 22nd, 2010
Sunflower Coloring Page

Sunflower Coloring Page

If there is one flower that you cannot miss in the summertime, it is the huge blooms of the sunflower – that perfectly mirror their namesake the sun back to the sky.

I hope you enjoy this Sunflower Head Coloring Page.