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New Coloring Pages – Mandalas to color!

April 15th, 2011

This is M in the April A to Z blogging challenge.  I’m sorry, I had to remove the widget that would take you to the next blog  – it was somehow interfering with the other widgets? Weird.

I have faced my fears again, and created three new spring themed mandalas for you to color!  If I can create mandalas, you can, too.  Read this lens to find out how. Meanwhile – enjoy these three spring mandalas featuring designed inspired by butterfly wings, mother goddess (Ostara), and spring lilies. As always you can go to the full size coloring page by clicking on the thumbnails, or the links below.

Butterfly Wing Mandala Line ArtLily and Bees Spring Mandala Line ArtMother Goddess Spring Mandala Line Art
Butterfly Wing Mandala Coloring Page
Mother Goddess Spring Mandala Coloring Page
Lily and Bee Spring Mandala Coloring Page


New Coloring Pages – Easter Baskets and a Rose

April 4th, 2011

In keeping with the April A – Z Blogging Challenge today’s new coloring pages are baskets – Easter baskets that is. Five minutes after I signed up to the challenge I was kicking myself – after all I said I was doing more spring, irish, and easter coloring pages this month. Then I figured out that with the entire alphabet to go through, I could surely work in all the other coloring pages I had already hoped to do.

With no further ado – I present you with these Easter Basket Coloring Pages;

Girl With Easter Basket Line ArtEaster Eggs in a Basket Line Art

Easter Eggs in a Basket Coloring Page
Girl with an Easter Basket Coloring Page

At the last minute, I decided NOT to decorate the eggs in the Eggs in a Basket Line Art in case you would rather exercise your own creativity, but also so it could be used in several more ways, such as a line art of eggs in a basket for a homestudy unit about chickens, or farming, or you could color the eggs to be those of different varieties of birds.

While looking around at photos of easter baskets, I happened to run into this , which is an “Easter Basket” Rose. It was so appealing that I created a coloring page for it as well. The thumbnail photo links to the large version of the photo (which is in the public domain) but, of course, you can color the roses any shade you prefer. Easter Basket Rose Line Art
Easter Basket Rose Coloring Page

In case you don’t think this is very challenging – let me point out that it takes me on average an hour, sometimes two or three, to create a drawing for a coloring page. Often I spend an entire day researching – especially in the case of wildlife or a particular domestic animal breed – before I begin drawing.

In February earned $7.98. My webhosting is $9.95 a month. I know times are tough for everyone, but if you use and enjoy my coloring pages perhaps you could see your way to making a small donation, or perhaps shopping a bit at my Zazzle store or even just visiting a few of my Squidoo lenses that would really help us out. My husband, who has always supported me so I could follow my dreams, is now fully disabled so our income has dropped significantly.

Okay, I promise not to ask again for at least a month ;)


Summer Sunflower Coloring Pages

May 22nd, 2010
Sunflower Coloring Page

Sunflower Coloring Page

If there is one flower that you cannot miss in the summertime, it is the huge blooms of the sunflower – that perfectly mirror their namesake the sun back to the sky.

I hope you enjoy this Sunflower Head Coloring Page.