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New Coloring Pages – Newfoundland (Newfie) Dog and Puppy Coloring Pages

April 17th, 2011

This is N in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

I’ve spent much of today looking at wonderful photos of Newfoundland dogs and reading about the breed.  I was disappointed in that I couldn’t find a photo of them at work – or at least not a good enough photo to use for a reference of Newfies drawing a cart, or far more important, working as a SAR dog or even swimming.  The Newfoundland dog is most famous as a rescuer of drowning sailors – or anyone else who has a water mishap.  I’m enough of a perfectionist that I won’t work without some sort of reference, so I hope you are willing to settle for this standing Newfoundland dog, and one of the irresistible fuzzy Newfie puppies!

Newfoundland Puppy Line ArtNewfoundland Dog Line Art
Newfoundland Dog Coloring Page
Newfoundland Puppy Coloring Page


New Coloring Pages – Irish Wolfhound dogs

April 12th, 2011

This is I in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge


See, I told you we’d get back to Ireland!  Interestingly enough, when looking for Irish “livestock” I found only one pony breed, one horse breed (I think there are more that are likely classified as “types” rather than breeds – I’m not done with that yet!), no cat, but a good many dogs!  Terriers, gun dogs and probably the best known of all – their national dog in fact – the Irish Wolfhound.

Now I’m partial to the Wolfhound myself – because if you know me, you know I love the sight hounds or gaze hounds as they are often called these days.  So – no aspersions on the beautiful setters or terriers – but I’ll work them in later.  Here are a couple of Irish Wolfhound coloring pages.

Running Irish Wolfhound Line ArtRunning Irish Wolfhound Dog Coloring Page
Standing Irish Wolfhound Coloring PageStanding Irish Wolfhound Dog Line Art


As always click on the thumbnails or the links for the full size coloring page.    enjoy!

New Dog Coloring Pages – Jack Russell Terriers

May 30th, 2010
Jack Russell Terrier Laying Down Line Art

Jack Russell Terrier Laying Down Coloring Page

In response to a request. I know I’m behind on requests, but this one seemed important to do right away. I’ve been away from the computer quite a bit the last few weeks. For those who do not know, my husband has been severely ill and is no longer able to work. Between doctors and hospital trips, I’ve also been trying to work various jobs away from the house. He has been disabled since March and unable to work, but we are not getting any assistance (yet). If you’d like to help out there is a donation button around here somewhere – or just share will your friends and family, add it to your Facebook, stuff like that. It sure would be nice if I could hang out at home and draw coloring pages all day ;) and be able to take better care of my hubby, too.

Sleeping Jack Russel Puppy Line Art

Sleeping Jack Russel Puppy Coloring Page

Please enjoy these adorable Jack Russell Terriers to color! You can click on the thumbnail or the links are here:
Jack Russell Terrier Laying down coloring page
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Sleeping

New Coloring Page – Bush Dog

March 30th, 2010
Bush Dog Coloring Page

Bush Dog Coloring Page

Once again, I am proud to hear from Ian, the gentleman who teaches at an orphanage in Mexico, with a request. This time he asked for a Bush Dog Coloring Page. These amazing little creatures were once thought to be extinct, but still live in Central and South America. Tough looking little guys, aren’t they? I don’t know if I really caught it in the line art, but in the photos you can see these powerful jaw muscles that make them look like they could snap your hand off like it was nothing. Ow!

Summer Fey Foovay

New Coloring Pages – Search and Rescue Dogs

February 20th, 2010
Search and rescue dog on a snowy mountain

Search and rescue dog on a snowy mountain

Many people owe their lives to brave search and rescue dogs and their handlers. While doing the research for these drawings I found an amazing variety of breeds being used from German Shepards to Pit Bulls, Aussies, Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands, and of course Bloodhounds. It was hard to decide but I finally settled for a Shepard type that could be used for many breeds or mixes, and a long haired dog that could be a Golden Retriever or other shaggy sort of breeds. The coloring pages are linked to the thumbnails or use the links below

Search and Rescue Dog

Search and Rescue Dog

New Coloring Pages – Detection (Sniffing) Dogs

February 17th, 2010
Airport Detection Dog Coloring Page

Airport Detection Dog Coloring Page

Airport Detection Dog - Beagle

Airport Detection Dog - Beagle

Detection dogs have become a familiar site at many airports. Some are searching for explosives or drugs, others search for other types of contraband such as certain types of fruits. Many different breeds and some mixed breeds are used from the German Shepard type dog on the left to the smaller Beagles on the right.

Here where I live in New Mexico, the German Shepard detection or sniffing dog is a familiar site at Border Patrol stops where they inspect vehicles for drugs, guns, and other contraband.

Detector Dog inspecting a vehicle coloring page

Detector Dog inspecting a vehicle coloring page

The thumbnails are linked to the full size coloring pages, or use these links:


New Coloring Pages – Bomb Detection Dog Coloring Pages

February 16th, 2010

Bomb Sniffing Dog Coloring Page

Bomb Sniffing Dog Coloring Page

[caption id="attachment_276" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Military Bomb Detection Dog Coloring Page"]Military Bomb Detection Dog Coloring Page[/caption] Continuing with my theme of service dogs this week, these two new coloring pages are of the courageous bomb detection dogs that work with our military in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Not only do they save soldiers lives by sniffing out bombs and bomb making materials, they also improve morale in the units they work with. You can read an excellent article on them here. Click on the images for the full sized coloring pages.

I am so glad I did not spend $600 on Adobe InDesign to find out that you folks are not actually going to BUY my coloring books so many correspondents said I should put out. If you did actually want one, you better get it soon as I plan to let the store expire the end of the month. Live and learn. Here it is, enjoy while you can :D

New Coloring Pages – Cadaver Dogs!

February 15th, 2010
Human Remains Detection (Cadaver) Dog Coloring Page

Human Remains Detection (Cadaver) Dog Coloring Page

Human Remains Detection (Cadaver) Dog Coloring Page

Human Remains Detection (Cadaver) Dog Coloring Page

Of all the wonderful and amazing ways dogs assist us poor humans, the Human Remains Detection or Cadaver Dogs have one of the most unusual and fascinating jobs. Unlike Search and Rescue dogs, Cadaver dogs are trained to track and find human remains. Dogs sense of smell is so sensitive they are able to find human remains that are hundreds of years old, buried, or even under water! You can read more and even see videos of some Cadaver dogs at work at these two sites:
Cadaver Dogs
Cadaver Dogs – Videos

You may know or remember that I originally set up to create line art for the players of Orbis Games, including Sandbox Farm. I am still playing over at SandboxFarm because part of the fun is being able to create new animals and add them to the game. This weekend I added several types of service dogs, such as the cadaver dogs and I will be adding corresponding coloring pages or line art to the collection at this week, too.

Don’t forget that after being asked by so many people to create coloring books you can download and print out I finally did – they are on sale here Of course, only one has sold since. LOL. I have to pay monthly for the shop itself, never mind the time I wasted, so if sales continue to be this bad I will soon close it and the coloring books will go into my computers recycle bin. So where are all you people who kept saying I ought to make coloring books?


Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day weekend!

New Thanksgiving coloring page – naughty Puppy!

November 18th, 2009
Thanksgiving Coloring Page - Puppy stealing turkey

Thanksgiving Coloring Page - Puppy stealing turkey

Uh oh!  Who is that stealing a turkey leg off the table and making a run for it!  Naughty puppy!

Hope you love this free printable Thanksgiving coloring page of a naughty puppy making off with a turkey leg as much as I enjoyed drawing it!