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Toddlers shouldn’t watch TV – they should be coloring!

October 21st, 2011

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics children under 2 should not be watching television. Yet many adults park their toddlers at the TV while we do other important things – like cooking dinner, washing clothes, and chatting with our friends on the Internet.

Of course, I think you ought to print a few dozen coloring pages out from, and then plop down beside them and enjoy some coloring fun and quality time. Most of the pages at Color-Your-Own are created with an older colorist in mind, so you might want to choose a few for yourself, and order some of these more age appropriate coloring books;

You might want to think about some of these, too:


Summer Foovay

Coloring Books under $5

July 2nd, 2011

Just for fun I made this List of Coloring Books for sale for under $5. I’ll try and keep it updated with the latest sales and newest inexpensive coloring books.

3D Coloring Books

April 6th, 2011

I thought I had my day all planned out to get all kinds of things done – including the two blog posts for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.

The best laid plans oft do go kaput.

But I was determined to get caught up on the Challenge today. Meaning I had to come up with something for D – QUICK!

Well, how ’bout these amazing 3-D coloring books? I found 3D coloring books and software for all ages from intricate mind blowing patterns for adults to simple coloring software for pre-schoolers! I hope you find a coloring book you really enjoy!

Tomorrow – really – I’ll draw a coloring page or three!

Coloring on Squidoo

April 5th, 2011

C for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

Did you know that coloring – coloring pages, coloring books, and all about coloring media from crayons to pastels – has become so popular at Squidoo that they gave us our own neighborhood? I’ve been creating lenses about coloring, coloring books and coloring pages since my very first lens – which was the story of the website, titled Line Art on the Internet created in June of 2007. The top 100 Coloring Lenses on Squidoo are here

I thought I was sort of alone and weird and out there as an adult who loved coloring books and coloring, never mind creating coloring pages. Since then, I’ve met other artistic lensmasters on Squidoo who love coloring, too! So after you visit the top 100 lenses, don’t forget to check out these lensmasters pages for their complete list of coloring pages and coloring book lenses.

Pastiche creates coloring pages and clip art much like myself and yet we cover diverse subjects so that while we both have an Easter Coloring Pages lens right now, she also offers graphics for weddings and babies. One of her all time most popular lenses is Clipart Borders and Frames – something any crafter will find useful!

Tipi creates lenses featuring coloring books and pages for more advanced, older children and adults, like me! She also has a wide and eclectic selection of lens subjects – something else we have in common. I really like this lens, about her real life encounters with angels.

NanLT creates lenses, including plenty of coloring books and pages lenses, due to her experiences raising two boys! She also writes about Pagan subjects, such as How to Find A Patron God or Goddess. You don’t want to miss her mouth watering recipe lenses either!

GonnaFly is a homeschooling Christian mom who has created a number of lenses listing coloring pages on specific subjects, such as dog coloring pages. What a great bunch of resources! She also writes about Vegetable Gardening!

gonzaga does an amazing job of finding coloring pages related to pop culture, such as the printables and coloring pages from the new Rango movie. He also keeps us up with Manga and Anime, like these Naruto coloring pages.

Stoney2009 is another lensmaster who keeps us up to date on the latest coloring pages for pop culture subjects, like Angry Birds Coloring Pages or, who woulda thunk it, Lady GaGa Coloring Pages!

Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to try and draw Lady Gaga for Color-Your-Own. Let’s see, that would be “L” day?

deyani shares her unique voice with more anime coloring pages, such as My Neighbor Totoro Coloring Pages and Printables as well as scrumptious recipes written both in English and Bahasa Indonesia!

budakoyot also offers coloring pages and books based on popular movies, such as these Starwars Coloring Pages. He links coloring with learning character and creativity for children, something I know my homeschooling audience knows and undertands.

Speaking of homeschoolers, jojokaya is a homeschooling mom who also has her finger on the pulse of what kids like to color with Free Littlest Pet Shop Coloring Pages. She is a foodie, too, with Indoneisian comfort food recipes – like these Chicken Noodle recipes

nelabai weighs in with some great coloring selections for boys and geeks, like NHL coloring pages and other lenses dedicated to Zombies, Megamind and Ninja coloring pages.

eclecticeducation is a homeschooling mom who has created lenses with coloring page resources listed by subject, like this Bears Coloring Pages lens, as well as sharing many how-to lenses about lapbooks, and study units like this Nature Study with Children. is a great resource for homeschoolers, as well as a great way for working at home mothers to make a little extra money. Not to mention, a good place to discover more coloring books and coloring pages!

Free Mythical Creatures Coloring Pages

March 11th, 2011

Tipi has made us a wonderful list of mythical creatures coloring books and pages to enjoy at Free Mythical Creatures Coloring Pages/Origami . Why don’t you go browse through there (and drool, and order coloring books) while I finish up some new coloring pages I’m creating for St. Patrick’s Day, Ostara, Easter and the spring season.

Butterfly Coloring Books

April 24th, 2010

They did it to me again. I was browsing through my email trying to catch up a little when a Dover sampler tempted me in. Then I fell in love with a couple of butterfly coloring books. And the next thing you know, I’ve written a new Squidoo lens devoted to Butterflies to Color. Sigh.

Which reminds me yet again that I don’t have one single butterfly coloring page on yet. Got to work on that…

Even Kittehs Love to Color

March 20th, 2010

Even Kittehs Love to Color
moar funny pictures

How could I resist captioning this LOLZcat!

I haven’t drawn any new coloring pages lately. Doctors and social services seem to feel like we should be at their beck and call 24-7! Add a brief foray into the job market for me and poof, there goes all my drawing time. My concentration is also not what it should be. Thus I have been doing “easy things” like these Squidoo lenses:

Coffee Mugs for Dog Lovers (with my art)
Garden Art (with my art and photos)
Color Me Green

So far – The coloring book shop is still live. It has just barely managed to pay for it’s $10 a month self. I got to looking at the coding though, and I can definately create something more SEO friendly. If I ever get the time.

Meanwhile – I’ve got stuff to do! TTYL

Summer Fey Foovay

How bout a hug?

March 10th, 2010

As you may know, my husband has ESRB and is going to be starting dialysis soon. Although he can no longer work his job as a short order cook, disability doesn’t think he is disabled yet. You gotta laugh. So I’ve been job hunting.

I got hired yesterday to do housekeeping at a nursing home. Part of the hiring process was a tour of the home – they have both full care and also assisted living areas. It’s a beautiful place and I think I will really enjoy working there but what really struck me as we walked through was several beautifully colored coloring pages proudly displayed in residents rooms and the activity room. Made my heart all warm and stuff – even though they were not my coloring pages – it just kinda made me all warm and squiggy to see that other adults loved to color. I never get over it. It gave me an idea for some more coloring pages, too – LOL.

Between doctors appointments and working I may not be able to add pages as often as I would like. The fact is that it doesn’t matter how many pages I add or how often I update, the coloring pages website seems to have reached a plateau of $50 a month more or less in adsense income – and has been there for three years now. That’s nice, but it won’t support us now that hubby cannot work.

I have managed to keep the digital coloring book store open for another month. If it doesn’t pick up enough to at least pay for itself – $10 a month – this month, then it’s gone. So if you were one of the people writing and saying “Oh, you should make coloring books and I would buy one or more” then you better get in there and get one, and share that link and such like and so on.

The next couple of weeks look pretty hectic as far as doctor’s appointments and new job stuff going on so you may not be seeing much in the way of new coloring pages. Rest assured, I will continue to draw when I do have the time.


Summer Fey Foovay

Downloadable coloring books

February 16th, 2010

If you were one of those people who went on and on about how great it would be to have a coloring book from the line drawings or coloring pages you have until March 2nd before the store closes and I toss the whole wasted mess into the recycle bin of my computer to buy the coloring book you claimed you wanted so much. Here’s the link to the coloring book store for while it lasts.

Yes, it’s easy to say – oh I would buy that – and find when the time comes to cough up the small fortune of $6.00 it is just impossible to do. Too bad that I wasted about two weeks, as well as someone elses time and effort, to create these coloring books – and then more time and money to set up the store and pay for it. Luckily, I did NOT spend $600 or more on the AdobeInDesign program to make them. Really really glad I did not do that. That would have paid our rent for a month, or bought groceries for six months or gas for four months and we need our roof, food, and transportation a lot more than a wasted investment right now. :D

Live and learn. One more “make money on the Internet” scheme eliminated from the list of possibilities.

Anyway, if you really did want a coloring book, you have two weeks left to get one before they are gone.


Summer Fey Foovay

At last – the coloring books are available!

January 23rd, 2010
The Big Coloring Book

The Big Coloring Book

At long last – the coloring books you’ve been asking me for are available for sale! Downloadable coloring books with all 360+ realistic line drawings to color for adults and older children – buy the big book with all the drawings, or purchase just the ones you want like all the birds, all the dogs, all the horses. And of course, the uber cool thing about eColoring Books, or Downloadable coloring books, or digital coloring books – depending on what you like to call them – is that you save them on your harddrive and you can print out the whole thing, or just one drawing. You can print out your favorite drawing a dozen times and color it in different colors again and again. And if you use the line art for crafts, it is that much easier to pull it into whatever software program you may need to create your patterns.

I’m really excited – what can I say?

Summer Fey Foovay