Thank You, Summer Foovay

I would like to express my thanks to Summer Foovay and the many loyal visitors to her website. Summer has spent countless hours and her tireless labor has produced a site that averages more than 20,000 visitors monthly. When I approached her about purchasing her site, she actually was considering to stop publishing the website which would be a loss to the many fans of her drawings. After a number of days resolving technical issues, the site has finally transferred ownership, but as promised, I will not make any major changes to the site. As she has indicated, all those who have received permission to use her drawings can continue to do so without violating any copyright issues. Furthermore, I hope that she will stay connected to the site. I have left her blog account on-line and she is free to add blogs if she so desires. I also hope that she can continue to add more of her incredible drawings if her time allows. Lastly, for those if may have reciprocal link agreements with this site, please let me know. If I inadvertently remove such a link, please notify me so I can restore the change. Many thanks and kind regards to Summer and her many visitors to her site.

New Site Owner

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  1. foovay says:

    See, I told you – he is a great guy and a father himself, so he will undoubtedly have excellent insights to share with all the parents and families who use Please give him a warm welcome.

    And I thank you, sir.

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