Changed my mind

After additional thought and consideration, as well as some research, I have decided not to sell the coloring pages website, Because I have given permission to various individuals and charities, schools and other organizations to use different drawings over the years, I do not wish to cause a conflict of copyright for them. It would be better to remove the site altogether than to sell it and worry about causing problems for those I wanted to help.

This holiday season you will be seeing some new ads around the old place. Sure would help out if you would buy something you really want – and let me get a few pennies for all the coloring pages you have enjoyed here.

I am also considering creating some coloring and activity books to sell as well as possibly implementing some of the changes suggested in the wonderful site review by Education Site Review. I am also looking at actively making an effort to involve countries other than the United States, as I have so many visitors from other countries around the world. After all – coloring pages are pretty universal!

Unlike most of the coloring page sites on the Internet – I do not steal or copy licensed images from Disney, Pixar, or other movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime and so on. My coloring pages are hand drawn originals by me. I may suffer for it financially, but at least I can look myself in the face in the mirror. I do on rare occassions copy something I know is in the public domain (twice in 500 pages that I recall) – but it is a hand-drawn copy with alterations to make it easier to color and to put it into this format. My coloring pages are also mainly created for older kids and for adults who enjoy coloring or using the line art for crafts.

Starving artist – LOL – that’s me.


Summer Foovay

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