New Coloring Pages – Jackals

This is J in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

I thought for J I’d choose between the “J” animals at SandboxFarm since the players there were some of my first and best users of I had Jackal, Jaguar, Jerboa, and Jellyfish to choose from. I looked a jellyfish but they have this ethereal beauty that I think would have to be captured in something like velvet painting – neon colors on black – LOL. Jerboas were cute, but the cutest was the Long Eared Jerboa, and we don’t have that one on SandboxFarm. I can, however, remedy that next time I buy tokens ;) I’ve already done Jaguars. So that left Jackals.

And then I went looking at Jackals and found myself enchanted. They have that same wry, humorous “I am SO up to something” look that our delightfully obnoxious coyotes have here in the southwest. I’m hooked. I hope you like them, too.

Black-backed Jackal Line ArtGolden Jackal Line ArtBlack-backed Jackals reside in Africa – click here or the thumbnail for the coloring page
Golden Jackals, also called Indian Jackals, live in India – click here or on the thumbnail for the coloring page

Yep, I’m plugging my favorite game a lot. It needs some new blood. I think the problem may be that it is marketed to children as mmorpg when it is really more of an adults sim game. You should try it ;)

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