New Big Cat Coloring Pages – Jaguar

Jaguar Headstudy Line ArtJaguar Laying Down Line ArtInspired by this article about the efforts to conserve the Jaguar in Costa Rica as well as the articles a few months ago about the death of the last KNOWN jaguar in the United States (who was in Arizona) I created these this Jaguar Headstudy Coloring Page and another Coloring Page of a Laying Down Jaguar. You can click here or on the thumbnails for the full size images. I plan to do another “action” sort of montage of jaguars, as well as some clip art and Zazzle products – so be sure and check back in the next few days for those, as well as some more big cat coloring pages, including leopards, black panthers, cheetahs, snow leopards and clouded leopards.

I’m going to get back to those Irish subjects, and Easter as well – I haven’t forgotten. Gotten sidetracked maybe, but not forgotten ;)

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