Change is gonna come

First off – a Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate the holiday.

For me, it’s just another day on the calendar. My husband has to work and will be tired because they will be really busy. Shrug. So I’m working.

I have been doing some background things for the last few days, so while there are no new coloring pages there are some changes in the works.

At my article Line Art on the Internet I talk about how I got started drawing line art and sharing it on the Internet, and how the website has grown and changed over the years. I can hardly believe I’ve been doing this for five years!

Although I did not set out to make money on the line arts – they were just one of the many things I shared on my websites – they actually turned out to be one of my more consistent money makers. I know you’ve seen the Google Adsense ads at the top and bottom of the page. The funny thing is that Google will tell you that those ads on pages that are image oriented just don’t make money – put them on articles. As you may know, I’m a writer – so from the beginning of my efforts to make money on the Internet I’ve written articles and blogs to carry Google Adsense ads. And what happened? By and large, the coloring pages and clip art made more money than the articles – LOL.

The last year or so I’ve also carried Project Wonderful ads. They tout themselves mainly as ads for blogs – again, I make a bit on them.

But it seems that no matter what I do, how hard I try, how frequently I update and add new coloring pages, or how many coloring pages I actually have available my income has absolutely topped out at about $40 to $60 a month. This doesn’t even pay for my ISP, let alone hosting, domain, and my drawing supplies. If it weren’t for the support of my beloved husband, I would have had to give this up a long time ago.

This year I really put a lot of effort into all sorts of promotions for I’ve been pleased to death to see traffic increase to 2000 visits a day, and people actually even search FOR the term Color-Your-Own. How cool is that?

And yet – I am working just about full time at this and making $2 a day still. At best. :/

I wondered how it was that the click through rate on the Adsense ads were so dismal. So I committed an Adsense sin, I clicked through on a few coloring pages links and ads to see what was going on.

OMFG. I got everything on earth BUT coloring pages. I got bombarded with pop-ups and deluged with page after page of MORE Adsense ads disguised as links or directories, always promising coloring pages but very rarely delivering any. It boggles the mind. And NO WONDER my visitors quickly learn to grab the coloring page you want and head out without clicking on anything. Sheesh. I also noticed that the text ads by and large were not very relevant. It’s one thing to have ads to sell Tennessee Walking horses on a coloring page of a Tennessee Walker along with coloring page ads but to have ads for all kinds of completely unrelated things is just a waste of space and time – for you and for me.

Recently I signed up for what I promised myself was my last effort with affiliate marketing. I am actually favorably impressed at the moment – except they assume I’ve got a few thousand to drop into advertising with Adwords and the other big advertising guys like Yahoo and I don’t. But I DO HAVE this website getting 2000 hits a day… and if anyone is going to bombard you with irrelevant ads it may as well be ME – LOL. No seriously, because if you do decide to purchase something or sign up for something, I will get $1 to in some cases $25 rather than a few pennies. And YOU will get a real offer to look at, not just an endless stream of promises to give you more coloring pages. I will also be sharing my Squidoo lenses, many of which really are about coloring pages and coloring books. Since I’ve become a Giant Squid my Squidoo earnings have jumped up and I can’t help but think that they will do even better with some exposure on and since we already have a relationship, you and I, I bet you’ll be interested in a lot of the same stuff I am interested in.

Meanwhile, a wonderful kind lovely person has offered to create downloadable coloring books in PDF form from my drawings. While this sounds awesome, I am having some doubts. First – I know that many of the older coloring pages will have to be redrawn before they are really ready to be printed out in 8.5 x 11 form and look good. Second – you do realize there are over 300 coloring pages, right? I’m a bit whelmed just at the thought of it. But I’m going to gather my courage, attempt to overcome my perfectionism and get to work on making that available. This person has kindly said it would be just fine if I wish to sell the coloring books thus I believe I probably will.

So expect to see some changes around the website. The most obvious will be the changes in the ads, although it might not be all that obvious after all. Just that I will be getting the affilliate payment or Squidoo traffic instead of pennies from Adsense. I will be going through and repairing and updating some pages and redrawing some of the drawings in preparation for the coloring books.

And most of all, thank you – every one of you wonderful people who use my coloring pages for line art, for crafts, for entertainment. Thank you for being part of my life and giving me this opportunity and most of all for letting me know that someone uses and enjoys my artwork.

A great big group hug to you all.

Summer Fey Foovay

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